The God-shaped Hole

God Shaped Hole
God Shaped Hole

“There is a space inside us that only God can fill;” was the assertion made by our Sunday morning preacher.  This hit me with some force, and I immediately felt that “Bong” of empathy with the concept.  This explains very nicely our need to search out spiritual things, and it explains very nicely too the nature of our interaction with our community.  We are in the business of filling that hole for others.

  • Find A Need

I have long believed that the only effective way to bring Jesus Christ to others is by way of meeting some need they have.  I do NOT believe in the “door knock” method of evangelizing practiced by the sects – I perceive that such “in your face” confrontation is counterproductive because it alienates people. We ought to start by discovering some need, in an individual or a group, and then attempting to meet that need. The Bible states** that; “we are the gospel to others, written not in pen and ink, but in the spirit of the living God.”   When, in love, we meet another’s need, we are being the Bible in action and showing the love of God.  This is a more powerful witness than any words we might bring. This is how we can put a little bit of God into that empty space in another person.

  • Answer Their Questions

This is how we can meet the spiritual needs of other individuals in the community, by trying to answer spiritual questions, by being willing to “fill the hole” in their knowledge.  We recently mounted a Community Gospel Outreach with the theme of “Have you got Questions? – We Have  Answers”.  There are always people seeking for spiritual truth, and we can take advantage of that need and offer to fill the empty place in their knowledge with the Gospel of Jesus.

  • The Deep Yearning Within Us

“The space inside us that only God can fill” is a metaphor for the deep yearning we have inside us for answers to spiritual questions.  We can find contentment and fulfilment when we allow God to answer those questions, when we indulge in the spiritual exercises of prayer and contemplation; and when we feed on the word of God in the Bible.  This is not to say that there are no happy or fulfilled atheists, they can be socially well balanced; but they exist in a different plane to the Christian who is dwelling in the Kingdom of Heaven, and who is fulfilled in the community by daily obedience to God and by interaction with others..

**2 Corinthians 3:3

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