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The Trinity is the threefold presence of the Christian God, as the Father,  as Jesus the Son, and as the Holy Spirit. I read a post this week where the writer stated categorically that NO ONE can understand the Trinity. In fact the writer said; “The Trinity is a concept that is impossible for any human being to fully understand, let alone explain”. Sausage! – it is certainly comprehensible, if you use the information God has given us.

  • God in Everything

The explanation goes like this.  God has told us that He created man in His own image; ergo, to understand God we must look at man [the totality of mankind].  I find that when I look at the world around me there is manifold evidence of God in it, and to understand God, we need only to look at His work. I see God in everything; in the ordered mathematical perfection of creation, in the always changing, never repeated beauty of the sky, and in the unimaginable magnitude of the universe itself.

  • We are Ourselves a Model

We have in our persons a model of the trinity.  We exist as a physical presence, a perfectly designed physical mechanism that maintains and restores itself with no help from our sentient person, the intellect or the brain that is our personality, the driving force of our conscious being and the second part of the threefold entity which we are. We exist too as a soul, we yearn, we desire, we create, and so we have a third existence alongside the personality and the body.

  • Body, Mind and Soul

The physical body hungers, and is fed; it reacts to sensation and involuntarily shrinks from heat and pain. The persona however, is driven by the conscious brain and logic, and causes the body to move according to that logic. On the other hand, my emotional self, or my soul, promotes acts that the brain and the body may resist, like having more chocolate when both brain and body say I have already had more than enough. I exist on three discrete levels, and act and react  on those various levels according to the dominant urges at that time.

  • Physical, Mental and Spiritual

Some actions spring purely from the body; E.G., breathing, dispelling hunger by eating, or shivering when cold.  Other actions are the direct result of the working of the mind; E.G., writing a blog post. And the third set of actions are the product of our soul; and might be as disparate as subconsciously sipping our coffee while we write; or simultaneously enjoying a recorded musical passage.

  • 3 Fold Existence

So the physical me will respond to stimuli without engaging the brain, the mind initiates various actions as a result of processing incoming or remembered data, and the soul floats where it will and often persuades the mind and body along with it. I can see three distinct persons in myself. I hesitate to use the word trinity, it seems sacrilegious to do so, but threefold seems to cover it.

  • God,  the Trinity.

Our God himself is threefold, the archetypal Trinity. He comes to us by His Holy Spirit when and as our soul requires. He might respond through the love of our Lord Jesus when we need healing in our body; and by His Grace, he cherishes our immortal souls and shelters us under the shadow of his hand as God Our Father. Three in one.

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  1. Biblical Evidences of the Trinity
    Trinity is one of the essential Christian doctrines, which is biblical, according to which, there is one and true God, the Creator of all things, existing eternally in three persons, the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. All those persons are but one God, not three gods.

    Biblical Evidences:

    1) A man also is a trinity (Boby, Soul, Spirit) (Luke 1: 46-47/Heb. 4: 12/2Thess. 5: 23 KJV). Though you have those three parts, you are one and one person! That’s why a man is created in God’s image (Gen. 1: 26-27 KJV).
    a) The body helps us to have contacts with the physical world (nature), through 5 senses (hearing, touch, sight, smell and taste).
    b) The soul (emotions, feelings, thoughts and mind) helps us to have contacts with other human beings and to express ourselves, responding to different circumstances. (Notice: some verses of the Bible use soul and spirit interchangeably. Rev. 6: 9 compare with Heb. 12: 23)
    c) The spirit helps us to have contacts with God through faith.

    2) The Bible shows us where God spoke of Himself using “US” but remaining one (Gen. 1: 26-27/Gen. 3: 22/ Gen. 11: 6-8/Is. 6: 8/Is. 53: 1KJV).

    3) The Bible shows us repeatedly, that there are three persons in the Godhead (Full nature of God)
    a) Angel Gabriel confirmed the Trinity (Luke 1: 35KJV). I personally believe that the angels know God better than us , because they live always in the presence of God in heaven!(Rev. 5: 11)
    b) At Jesus’ baptism, Jesus was on earth, the Holy Spirit descended on Him like a dove, and God the Father bore witness that Jesus Christ was and is His Beloved Son (Matt. 3: 16-17KJV)
    c) Jesus Christ Himself confirmed the Trinity (Matt. 28: 19/John 15: 26KJV)
    d) Jesus’ Apostles and disciples of the early Church (Paul, Peter, John, Luke who wrote the Acts and the author of the Hebrews) believed in Trinity (Luke 2: 26/Acts 7: 55/1Cor. 6: 11/1Cor. 12: 4-6/2Cor. 3: 17/2Cor. 13: 14/Heb. 9: 14/Tit. 3: 4-5/1Pet. 1: 2)

    Based on the above mentioned verses, there is one God, eternally existing in three persons, the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), the Holy Spirit.

    The following is the summary of the True Christian and Evangelical Doctrine of all times, according to the Bible:

    For God the Father so loved the world, that gave His Son (Jesus Christ), and Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose again for our justification. After his resurrection, he ascended into heaven, sat at the right hand of God the Father, and sent the Holy Spirit to be with the believers forever. Whoever believes in Christ, receives forgiveness of sins and eternal life (John 3: 16/Rom. 4: 25/Rom.5: 8/Acts 10: 43/Acts 16: 30-31/1John 5: 11-13). God bless you.

    1. @Baby Games

      Welcome to this forum. I hope you enjoy your reading and that you will indeed learn more form the Holy Spirit.

      😉 – Rhys

  2. I tried to explain the trinity to my children aged 7 and 8 and I found myself saying something along these lines: you look out and see the stars, the universe, where did it come from, that’s Father God; then you need a friend, someone to walk with, someone to talk to, well that’s Jesus who is God; then you want to do it yourself, you need the power inside yourself, well that’s the Holy Spirit who is God inside you doing his work through you as you obey. I remember thinking “That’s really good” as it was coming out of my mouth, and so I have remembered it ever since to help me explain the Trinity.

    1. @Amble

      Insighful indeed; we can more easily grasp the idea of Trinity, if we think about the role of each member of it.

      😎 – Rhys

  3. To fully understood TRINITY, it should be felt and appreciated first . The explanation of this should came from what we believe. If we have that spiritual belief and divine faith, no need for us to search for mental explanations. All we need to do is to think the greatest things that happen to our life and we will always remember that it happens for a purpose of only ONE.

  4. This is a hard concept. It is not impossible to comprehend though. Maybe not to the extent as some other doctrines but certainly to the extent to be able to but your faith into. We know from scripture that there is a Godhead. We know there is the Father. We know there is Jesus the Son and we are also told that He is the creator. We know there is the Holy Spirit. Then as we study the epistles of John we get the strongest teaching I believe about the trinity as one. I believe as we study God’s word more and more will be revealed. As a Christian I think it impossible to exhaust the word of God in a mere lifetime.

  5. I believe in the holy trinity and I thank you for sharing the information about it and I also agree with it. The most important thing I believe is our faith,that’s what keep us going and moving until today and the most effective communication is prayer,that’s when we become closer to Him.

  6. Trinity is simply the religion ideology of “three persons in one God”. This concept is common to all Christian-Catholic believers. This belief only tell its followers that God can be everywhere, and in everything, for that matter. This article is very informational and adds more practical knowledge to the bloggers and followers of this site.

  7. I strongly agree with your post. ‘Trinity’ is indeed understandable. I agree with what you mentioned that ‘trinity’ is comprehensible. I also see God in our everyday life. From the time we wake up in the morning, seeing the sun shining. It definitely reminds us that God is everywhere with us. Well, yes, for some, its difficult to be understood. Simply because they do not believe in God. Your post is very informative. Hope this will help those who are curious about ‘Trinity.’

  8. Understanding of Christian unity is not in the sense of mathematics. This is what many people do not understand. They consider Christians worship many gods. Christians worship the one God in Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    Thanks for the explanation. Greetings from Indonesia.

    1. @Yahanes

      Greetings to you too! Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment. You are very welcome here, and, I agree, Christians worship ONE God!

      😀 – Rhys

  9. I believe that not all of us will fully understand the Trinity if we don’t accept that God is within us and if don’t we put God in our hearts. We know that there are many things that science alone cannot explain and Trinity is one of it. The meaning and essence of trinity can only be explain by those who can feel and those who open their hearts to God. I think it wouldn’t matter how many spirits God has, the important thing is we continue believing and we believe that He continues on giving us the things that is meant and best for us. God-bless us all!!!!!!!

  10. Great insight! I know that there is a trinity, but I cannot understand the meaning until I read this article. Thanks for sharing such informative blog. I hope that you will post another blog here that will let us know more about religion.

  11. well, my opinion is that you need to be made for preaching. And yeah it’s true that all gifts from God are mostly rough gifts which as we grow we can master them. Something similar to practicing and rehearsing your voice for music. It’s exactly how sea shells are made.

    1. Hi Matthew –

      You are so right – as we continue to use the gifts, so our confidence continues to grow and so we get more comfortable.

      🙂 – Rhys

  12. Growing in a devout Roman Catholic household, it is natural that we know about the Trinity. But still, I have to admit that the term is confusing. But that’s why we call it faith. We believe and that is what really matters.

  13. There are many confusing things in the world. One of this, is the concept of Trinity. The said term hard to understand or confusing if you are not a Christian or an avid reader of a Bible.That’s why, it is advisable to read a bible so that your mind will be enlightened about some unexplainable concepts like Trinity.

    1. @SanDiegoAttorney –

      You said; “it is advisable to read a bible so that your mind will be enlightened about some unexplainable concepts like Trinity”. And if we pray over the hard bits as we read, the confusion will melt away!

      😉 – Rhys

  14. isn’t trinity a bit confusing? 3 people in 1? Who did Christ pray to when he was hanging on the cross or when he was in Gethsemane? to himself?

    Who’s voice came from heaven after Christ was baptised?

    I think there is more to it.

  15. Its so good to hear and see such refreshing information on our lord and savior.

    Ret, That is very interesting what you say about the Holy spirit not mentioned as God in the Bible. I never noticed this before. Great insight!

  16. The Holy Spirit is not mentioned as a God in the Bible. The Bible even mentioned that God has 7 spirits. So if they will consider that the Holy Spirit is God, then the other 6 spirits of God are also God. Then there would be 9 Gods at all.

  17. We are talking about religion here… what a crooked comment you have there..The trinity is the all divine we are living for..please respect our religion’s ideas.

  18. I was reading in Romans 8:9-11 this morning and it was neat to see that the indwelling Holy Spirit is referred to as both the Spirit and Christ. The terms are used almost interchangeably. A great example of the Trinity.

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