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This Blog is the personal Opinion of an ancient retired Kiwi currently roosting in Woodside, Adelaide in South Australia.  The opinion expressed reflects my sincerely held belief, and owes its entire origin to revelation received from the Spirit of God.

I was brought up in a Presbyterian  Manse with the  conventional beliefs, (Presbyterian/ Episcopalian?), but they didn’t work for me when I strayed and got into difficulties, so when I fell into a valley of despair,  it was only then that I was quiet enough to hear that still small voice of God.  This story of my rebirth, and the subsequent journey into a new Spirit led life  is available in an E-Book (Good, Lord it’s Morning) and is obtainable here, if you would like more information.

The unshakable convictions I now hold keep me happy, fulfilled, and well content with the manifold blessings that our God heaps on me and my wife.

Our present Uniting Church family is without a full-time pastor at the moment, but I am very blessed to sit under the Reverend Naomi and some very good lay preachers.  This Blog is a meld of both my long held beliefs and of my recent preaching experience; and may be regarded both as a work in progress, and my ‘online pulpit’.

Blessings to you – rhys-bartle

13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Most of the questions in my mind were answered by God through this blog of yours Mr Rhys. Continue to become an instrument of God to help other Christians and non-Christians to be enlightened. It’s indeed preaching the gospel in the whole world through technology. God Bless you as God blesses us through you:)

  2. Hi. I actually enjoyed reading your writing!. Top notch written content. I might recommend you to submit articles a bit more frequently. This way, having such type of a useful site I think you could rank better in the search engines

    1. @ogrodzenia

      Thanks for dropping by. I don’t write to get Googles attention, but to share my convictions with those who are searching for answers. If I wrote more frequently I do believe I would dilute the value of what I am led to share here with you readers..

      🙄 – Rhys

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