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The God-shaped Hole

God Shaped Hole
God Shaped Hole

“There is a space inside us that only God can fill;” was the assertion made by our Sunday morning preacher.  This hit me with some force, and I immediately felt that “Bong” of empathy with the concept.  This explains very nicely our need to search out spiritual things, and it explains very nicely too the nature of our interaction with our community.  We are in the business of filling that hole for others.

  • Find A Need

I have long believed that the only effective way to bring Jesus Christ to others is by way of meeting some need they have.  I do NOT believe in the “door knock” method of evangelizing practiced by the sects – I perceive that such “in your face” confrontation is counterproductive because it alienates people. We ought to start by discovering some need, in an individual or a group, and then attempting to meet that need. The Bible states** that; “we are the gospel to others, written not in pen and ink, but in the spirit of the living God.”   When, in love, we meet another’s need, we are being the Bible in action and showing the love of God.  This is a more powerful witness than any words we might bring. This is how we can put a little bit of God into that empty space in another person.

  • Answer Their Questions

This is how we can meet the spiritual needs of other individuals in the community, by trying to answer spiritual questions, by being willing to “fill the hole” in their knowledge.  We recently mounted a Community Gospel Outreach with the theme of “Have you got Questions? – We Have  Answers”.  There are always people seeking for spiritual truth, and we can take advantage of that need and offer to fill the empty place in their knowledge with the Gospel of Jesus.

  • The Deep Yearning Within Us

“The space inside us that only God can fill” is a metaphor for the deep yearning we have inside us for answers to spiritual questions.  We can find contentment and fulfilment when we allow God to answer those questions, when we indulge in the spiritual exercises of prayer and contemplation; and when we feed on the word of God in the Bible.  This is not to say that there are no happy or fulfilled atheists, they can be socially well balanced; but they exist in a different plane to the Christian who is dwelling in the Kingdom of Heaven, and who is fulfilled in the community by daily obedience to God and by interaction with others..

**2 Corinthians 3:3

What Are The Fruits Of The Spirit?

The fruits of the Spirit are quite literally those attributes that develop in your daily life as you live in the Spirit – that is – if you allow the Spirit of God to control your life.  These things, love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control will begin to appear in your life from that very moment you give your life to Him by inviting Jesus to be your Savior.  It is interesting that they grow in your life in the very same order that they appear in the Holy  scriptures, thus the 1st fruit is love, the 2nd is joy, and so on.

  • Fruit – Not Gifts


Confusing these fruits with the gifts of the spirit is a common error.  The gifts are listed in 1st Corinthians 12, and they are gifts that may appear from time to time in our spiritual life, just as the Holy Spirit wills. These spiritual gifts may be temporary,  depending on our needs, or they may be more permanent and form the basis of a particular gift or ministry – E.G., Wisdom or working miracles.  We can specially ask God for one or more of these gifts if we so wish.

  • Self-Control Is A Result, NOT An Aim!

Be aware that self control is the last item on the list.  God does everything he does as part of His purpose, and therefore there is some meaning in the fact that self control is listed last.  I believe the reason for this is that this gift comes naturally when we do have all the other gifts in place.  It is an error to attempt to impose self-control on ourselves; it is much better that it develops naturally as a  “side-effect” of the work of God’s holy spirit.  When we try to impose this on ourselves with an effort of will we are falling into the trap of relying on our own strength, instead of leaving it all to God.  We are told in scripture to seek first the kingdom of heaven and then all these things will be added unto us.  In other words, if we are simply obedient, then the gifts and the rewards will flow on to us.

  • Fruit Grows Naturally.

The fruits of the spirit are elements that grow in us as the Holy Spirit does its work in our life.  We do not consciously grow these things, they are the side effects of our obedience to God.  The new covenant states that we should love the Lord our God with all our hearts and with all our minds, and our neighbour as ourselves.  So the fruit of love that grows in us is a result of  being obedient to that command.  As we express that love that has grown in us as a result of giving ourselves to God, we become filled with joy, the joy that we share with God and with our fellows.  It grows naturally – we do not DECIDE to be joyful, it just happens.  And so on, and so on, with the other gifts as the Spirit works in our lives.

What is Genuine Religion?

  • Love-One-Another

    Love One Another   In the book of James in the Bible there is a passage that states: “What God the Father considers to be pure and genuine religion is this: to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering and to keep oneself from being corrupted by the world.” (GNT) The writer goes further and states that it is useless to just listen to God’s word, but that we need to put it into practice before it has any real value in our lives.  Taking care of widows and orphans is a metaphor for finding and helping the needy of this world.  If we aren’t doing that in some fashion, then this passage in James is suggesting that our religion is valueless.

  • Deeds – Not Words

James says too that we need to control our tongues. We need to be aware of the power and effect of the words we use, especially words of censure, or criticism or reproof. I read yesterday a story of a student who was set the task of reclaiming a bundle of feathers tossed into the wind, and of course he couldn’t get them all back.  So it is with the words we “toss into the wind”. It is not possible to take them all back later if we need to so do.  James said; “If you do not control your tongue, your religion is worthless and you deceive yourself.

  • Real Love is Practical!

By this I mean that the “Agape” love we have for our neighbours is truly expressed when we offer deeds of practical kindness and help to whosoever is in need.  The prophet John wrote (1 John:3) – “Anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God; nor is anyone who does not love his brother.” It is not enough to say we love others, for love to have real meaning we must act in love – back to the widows and orphans – we need to offer practical expressions of our love to our neighbours and anyone in need.

  • Hearing and doing.

James said; “Do not deceive yourselves by just listening to his word; instead, put it into practice.”  We can go to church on Sunday morning and listen to the Word of God, and then go off home to a filling Sunday dinner, and very likely forget all we have heard.  I had a friend who said; “If I don’t get something to take to work on Monday and use during the week, then the sermon was worthless!”. The reality of our Christian walk is reflected in what we do during the week with what we heard, (or read in the Bible), on Sunday,

  • As You Sow, So Shall You Reap.

More from James – “But if you look closely into the perfect law that sets people free, and keep on paying attention to it and do not simply listen and then forget it, but put it into practice—you will be blessed by God in what you do. (James 1:23)”  We ought not to do good with the thought of a possible reward, but it is really nice to know that when we are obedient, and we bless others, then we will surely be blessed by God.  This is my own experience, that God blesses us mightily when we are obedient. There is this promise in Psalm 1 – That the man who meditates on God’s law both day and night will be like the tree that grows by the still water, and everything he does will flourish! How about that?  Wouldn’t you like it if everything you did would flourish?

  • Real Religion

Thus the question, What is Genuine Religion, is simply obedience to God and putting his love into every part of your life.  It is easy to keep from being corrupted by the world if we are flat out loving others.  We won’t have time to get into trouble!

How to be Wise

How To Be Wise
How To Be Wise

It is a good question to ask – How to be Wise? We are very prone to seeking wisdom from church leaders, from charismatic speakers and from noted authors; but there is a major fallacy in that because the wisdom that we need is specific, not general. We need wisdom that pertains to our present needs and to our present questions, and the proper way to get that is from the “true source”, that is, directly from God.

  • Is It Right For You?

What others discovered is right for them, but not necessarily right for you. You can pick a “hero” and model your behavior on them, but you will NOT succeed as they did, because your circumstances and your needs and your abilities are different. It would be too simple to succeed in life if all we had to do was choose some successful person, and copy what they did!

  • Success From Hard Work

We look at others and think; “Wow, I want to be like that, and I can do that too,” but the truth is that what looks like success, actually includes a lot of struggle and stress and striving that had to happen before the success came! The published record of other peoples deeds and adventures skips over the difficulties, and usually tells only the high points. We read all about the exciting bits, but the unexciting daily grind of the average weekday is not mentioned.

  • God’s Plan For You

You may not have realized this, but God has an individual and unique plan just for you, and for every one of his children; and the only way that plan can happen is if you seek his will, are obedient, and go forward in faith. We need to open our minds and our hearts every morning when we awake, and say; “O.K. God, what are we going to do today?” To be wise in God’s kingdom, we need to be led by the Holy Spirit of God, and to be obedient to that leading. If we do that we will be using real wisdom in our lives, we will be operating in obedience, and because obedience is always blessed, we will succeed and others will see the wisdom at work.

How Do You Know God is Here?

  • Know God is Here
    Know God is Here

    How Do You Know God is Here?

Well God doesn’t break his promises, and if He has said it, then it is so! After the last supper when Jesus was reassuring the disciples, he said; “My father and I will come and make our home in you”. Therefore, as long as you have taken Jesus into your heart, then you have got the whole lot, the trinity, right inside you. So it follows that whenever two or more Christians meet, God is THERE!

  •  The Still, Small Voice

I believe that the Holy Spirit of God is manifest in that “still, small voice” that is mentioned in scripture. That is exactly what happens for me, if I seek the will of God. I sometimes get the answer to my prayer as a, “still, small voice”. It works just like my conscience used to work before I took Jesus in to my heart. It is not so much as a loud audible voice, but a conviction that grows inside me, until it takes on the form of words. I need to shut out the world, and concentrate really hard to hear Him.

  •  Listen to Him

The important thing in any meeting of Christians, is to take the time to listen to whatever God needs to say to those present. The most effective way to do this is to go into a time of silence, and let God speak to each individual as He wills. If those present then share their feelings, then the collective outpouring will be the voice of God! This process is known as, “being led by the spirit of God”; and is the only real way for Christians to govern themselves.

  • Let God Run the Meeting!

It is most important to make a point of allowing the Spirit of God to lead us. It is a great temptation to set an agenda, and to go on and discuss the items on the agenda as though it were a conventional business meeting. Do not allow this to happen. To discuss ‘business‘ without praying about it, is to deny God’s will, and impose the worldly standards that govern the rest of society. WE need to cultivate the ‘mind set’ that imposes prayer on every decision.

  •  How Much Do We LET Him Do?

God himself is present at every occasion, and how much He is allowed to do is a function of: “How much do we LET Him do?” God will move in your church if He is invited to, and if the request is made in 100% sincerity. Be careful what you ask for. It is better to let God decide how to answer a problem, than to ask for a specific outcome. Remember, “He is able to do more than we can ask or think”. The answer He provides may well be better than any solution you might have thought about. Only God knows all the circumstances, so it is better to leave the nature of the answer to Him.

  •  It Is Written!

What God has written will never be contradicted, unless God Himself changes it, so this is how we know that God is here: because it is written [John 14:23] in His Word. He said; “MY Father and I will come and live in you”. Jesus also promised that the Holy Spirit, the comforter, would; “come and teach you all things”; and would come and; “Lead you into all truth”. This is how you really know that God is here!

A Sermon In A Sentence

  • A Sermon In A Sentence …..

Alice wrote this comment recently, and it struck me as being a sermon in a sentence; “In Genesis God gave man dominion over earth. His intention was to not bring man to Heaven per se, but to bring the culture of heaven to earth. The Kingdom of Heaven, God as the King. He was intending to colonize earth with man and man to dominate using heavens culture. Adam messed that up and allowed sin to enter , but God never goes back on his word once spoken and man was still sent to dominate the earth. He still had a mission of living and acting in a Heavenly manner. Man was to influence man to live a righteous life. To seek the Kingdom here on earth.”

  •  Your Mission!

I see the punch line as the red type; “He still had a mission of living and acting in a Heavenly manner“. Is this not the key to bringing the Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth? If we do that, we become what the apostle Paul called in 2 Corinthians, 3:3, “Living Letters from Christ”. We don’t have to sermonize the rest of the world into the Kingdom, we just act out the Kingdom in our daily lives.

  •  God’s Game Plan

As Alice wrote, “man was [still] sent to dominate the earth”. – and this is exactly how it is to happen – we are to influence others by “living and acting in a Heavenly manner“. Dead simple really, just like most of what God wants from us. I.E., KEYWORDS = Simple Obedience. The answer to the question; “How to be Christ in the World?” is contained in Alice’s comment above, live and act in a heavenly manner. We do these two very simple things; we practice what we preach, and we “Shine our Light [the light of God’s love]”.

  •  Blame the Snake!
     Blame the Snake
    Blame the Snake

Adam and Eve blew it, they said it was the snake’s fault, and the snake didn’t have a leg to stand on, but whatever happened to prevent God’s harmonic plan of man in dominion over all the earth, the only way to restore that direction and let the plan happen, is if we do what Alice says, and honestly take up the mission of living and acting in a Heavenly manner. Read the first Paragraph again and discover the Sermon in a Sentence!


Worship in Spirit and in Truth

  • Praise and Worship

    Praise and Worship
    Praise and Worship


What does that mean, to Worship in Spirit and in Truth? What’s the difference? Does it Matter? We can get a clue for this from when Jesus was discussing theology with the smart Alecs in the temple, and they asked him which the greatest commandment was. Jesus Replied; “You shall worship with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind……” Again there are shades of meaning here that are not immediately obvious.

  • Obey The Great Commandment.

When we worship with all our heart, it is a physical thing. We are into praise mode, so we sing, or clap, or dance with an excess of enthusiasm. The mode of worship where we show our love from within our spirit is pure worship. Our souls are moved with passion and we pray or even sing our prayers in a much quieter and more reverent way. To love God with our minds, is to love from pure conviction, from our intellect; which tells us that God is real, that He loves us and answers our prayers. We show our love in worshiping with our minds when we engage in preaching, or testifying, or listening to such things. A common type of church service consists in praise, followed by worship, followed by a sermon or discussion – the three elements in the greatest commandment. [I.E., to love God with our hearts, our souls, and our minds]; so when we meet to worship in this way we are obedient to that commandment.

  • Worship in spirit and in truth

So then, praise is equal to worshiping with our hearts, sung or spoken prayer is worshiping with our spirit, and listening or giving a sermon or discussion is worshiping with our minds. To take this understanding and apply it to the expression “Worship in spirit and in truth”; then can mean that we move past simple praise when we worship. WE need to engage our spirits, and the conviction within our minds that recognising God’s truth will bring. Jesus told the woman at the well in Samaria that, “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” It is not enough to only attend church and sing the hymns, we need to take an active part in the prayers of worship, and interactively listen to the message.

Does God Attend Meetings

Does God Attend Meetings?

Does God attend meetings in your church?  We quite reasonably expect God’s presence in our worship services, and rightly so. We are actually having dialog with Him at those times, whether it be prayers of thanks or petition, worship, or praise. But the real question here is; “Does God attend your business, planning, and administration meetings? Is He even invited?  Do you constitute such meetings with prayer, and invite His guidance and participation in every part of the process?”

  • Putting God in a Box

    God in a Box
    God in a Box


I hope you answered YES to all of the above and haven’t been putting God in a box!  We have a really bad habit of putting God into various boxes, and keeping Him out of others.  It is very easy to percieve God as a component of prayer or praise, but it is very much harder to vizualise Him as a part of a decision about hiring a contracter to keep the grounds clipped and tidy.  We do not habitually see Him in the really mundane parts of the process, but HE IS THERE just as much as in any other part of our church life.  Think about it – HE OWNS the land and the buildings and the grass that grows on it.  In fact He designed the grass and makes it grow!

  • Involving God in Church Business

It goes against our instincts to put God into the business part of running a Church, but that should be both our expectation and our understanding, to have God involved in every part of our lives.  As a new Christian, I thought it was my business to deal with paying the bills and running my business, and I was happy just to thank Him for “Giving Me my Daily Bread”.  I soon found out that business went a lot more smoothly when I involved Him in every part of the process.  I found that if I genuinely involved God in every part of my day, and sought to just be obedient, then business not only took care of itself; but was more successful  than when I personally made the decisions!

  • A Blue Print for Church Business

There is a blue-print here for conducting church business.  It consists in firstly seeking God’s will for ALL activity, and THEN putting that in place.  The how, where, and when of it will all fall into place with no fuss or effort.  God only asks us to do things that we are already equipped to do, and He will ALWAYS provide the means to do it.  If you believe this and do it, then nearly all church ‘planning’, and ‘ways and means’ meetings are redundant.  If you ensure that God attends meetings, then the only ‘planning meeting’ needed is the regular prayer meeting!

Can You Feel The Presence Of The Holy Spirit?

Can You Feel The Presence Of The Holy Spirit?

Can you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit when you join with other Christians?  Are you conscious that the Holy Spirit of God is there in the room with you when you are praying and worshipping, and sharing the Word?  I like to think that the strength of the presence of the Holy Spirit of God is in direct proportion to the intensity of the prayer being offered at the moment.

  • Miracles and Spiritual Healing

I went many times to the healing/revival meetings of Bill Subritsky, a well known  New Zealand/South Pacific evangelist. It was his practice to spend many hours in prayer before the meeting, and to have a team of strong pray-ers working in a room behind the stage while the meeting was in progress. Many dramatic healings and conversions, and miracles resulted from those meetings. (My wife, Mary, was cured of a BONE DEFORMITY!**) I am convinced of the direct connection between the praying and the miraculous results.

  • Need For Caution

There is a powerful need for caution here in gauging the presence or absence of the Holy Spirit. There exists in some charismatic circles the belief that if those present all start making moo-ing and high pitched humming noises then the collective euphoria will induce the presence of the Holy Spirit of God.  THIS IS FALLACY!  It is NOT POSSIBLE to manipulate God. True collective singing in the spirit consists in simultaneous individual singing, pitched in musical harmonics, that sounds truly heavenly to those present.  It sounds like angels voices and acts very powerfully on the emotions of those participating.  A normal response to this experience is to feel totally uplifted, and to be in a mild, strong or even a total state of euphoria.

  • Singing in The Spirit

    Singing in The Spirit
    Singing in The Spirit

I would caution all worship leaders here to avoid attempting to induce singing in the spirit as a regular response to group worship. I believe that singing in the spirit is an unusual response, not a regular response, and must be indulged only when led by the Holy Spirit of God.  The suggestion that certain techniques of praise and worship will always lead to singing in the spirit is false, and is a totally unrealistic expectation* for the worshippers.  It happens naturally when the collective worship has been going on for some time and spiritual feeling is very intense.  This is a response to fervent prayer, and powerful worship, not to be attempted as an effect by worship leaders. True singing in the spirit will most likely start as a spontaneous individual response from among those present, not from the worship leader.  It is characterized by those singularly pure musical notes which are the true harmonics of normal music. Individual singing in the spirit is often in natural language, not tongues, and may be either prophetic or inspirational in content.
*(An exception might be in the case of a totally committed group, meeting often)

  • How to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit

My conclusion is that the absence or visible presence  of the Holy Spirit of God is directly related to the sincerity and power of the prayer and worship being offered.  It is worth considering here, that the recorded instances of revival have been preceded by intense and more or less continuous group prayer.  Therefore, to collectively  feel the presence of the Holy Spirit of God, you need to spent time in prayer and worship.

**Cured Bone Deformity. Please note there were “before” and “after” x rays of the bone, and also a subsequent video of this event, made by Dove Ministries”

What is The Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Have you asked this,

Gospel of Jesus Christ
Gospel of Jesus Christ

“What IS the Gospel of Jesus Christ, exactly?”  And if you did, what did you answer? The short answer is that “Gospel” is a short form of “Good News” (The word gospel derives from the Old English gōd-spell , meaning “good news” or “glad tidings”); and the good news referred to is the news that Jesus Christ died for our sins, that our sins are forgiven, and therefore we are in line for eternal life. That is really good news!

  • Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and John.

In the wider sense, The “Gospel” can be the first four books of the New Testamant [Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and John], of the Bible, wherein the life, revelations, and teachings of Jesus Christ are proclaimed. These four books are often referred to as the “Gospels”. Most of the rest of the New Testament is books of “Epistles” (meaning letters), written to various congregations and persons in the first churches.

  • The Gospel of Salvation

If you want to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, [The Gospel of Salvation], therefore, you must proclaim the basic facts of salvation, and as many expanded parts of “the Jesus story” as are relevant to your subject. Failure to include the fundamentals is laying yourself open to error. Whenever we preach we ought to remember this and, if possible, reinforce the message of salvation.  The fundamentqal scripture for this is John 3:16-17 (“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.”).  A more detailed scripture refereence to the whole process of salvation can be found in Romans 10:9-13. 9 If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from death, you will be saved.10 For it is by our faith that we are put right with God; it is by our confession that we are saved.11 The scripture says, Whoever believes in him will not be disappointed.12 This includes everyone, because there is no difference between Jews and Gentiles; God is the same Lord of all and richly blesses all who call to him.13 As the scripture says, Everyone who calls out to the Lord for help will be saved.

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The “Gospel”, therefore, is the wonderful news that we do not have to make sacrifices for our sins to be forgiven, that we do have eternal life, and that we can be living right now in the kingdom of heaven – here on earth. God loves you –  in proof of which, He sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to come to earth to bring us this wonderful gospel of love, and then to die on the cross that all our sins might be forgiven.