How to Get Christian Unity

  • Christian Unity
    Christian Unity

    Getting Christian Unity

The question of how to get Christian** Unity is paradoxically simple – we just need to go obediently about our Kingdom business.  If we are led by the Spirit of God, then we certainly cannot be getting into conflict with our brothers. Highway Ministries: is an example of Christians from many denominations and races working in unity because they are in obedience to His command to; “Love one another“.

  • Lack of unity is not necessarily divisive

The reason we don’t have Christian unity is that there are as many opinions as there are Christians, and this rich diversity of opinion is exactly what God planned when he gave us individuality and free will. It is pointless to argue objectively about a subjective matter.  We each have our own journey with God, and we can feel threatened when someone says, “No, you are wrong; my way is right.”  We need to just be obedient, not judgmental. The lack of agreement between the theologians and religious savants does not disprove the Gospel in any way, it merely illustrates the diversity and richness of the whole Christian experience.

  • Compare Modern Art to Christianity

Consider a modern painting: The artist ‘saw’ something and committed that vision to canvas, but viewers will all have their own interpretation of what is portrayed, and will energetically argue their own interpretation. That is subjective! Considered objectively, the technique, the composition, and the style, can all be defined and all may agree, but the meaning, the message, and the emotions evoked will never be the same for everyone. So it is with Christianity, we each perceive God in our own way, according to our unique experience.

  • Unity Springs From Obedience

God will not work against himself.  Ergo, if we are each obedient to His leading we must be in unity. Do you ‘get it’? If I am obedient to the one true God, and if you are too, then we MUST BE in UNITY! We will not be doing the same things, at the same times, because the broad spectrum of humanity requires that we will be ministering to [different] others in our individual way and to their [unique] needs. But unity will be evident in the pattern of the whole cloth.

  • Our Mission [in unity]

Our mission is really very simple, and is contained in the Commandment – “Love God, love each other, love your neighbour and ‘tell the good news‘.”  Implicit in that is the need for obedience, and the desire to do good* – what more needs to be said? That is how to get Christian Unity.

*Derivation of Good: from the old English God;

**Derivation of Christian: one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus CHRIST;

5 thoughts on “How to Get Christian Unity

  1. I think the key to achieving Christian unity is to really focus more on what unites us than what divides. Also, I think an important change in mindset is from that of trying to convert everyone to your point of view, to a more accepting attitude that genuinely respects the beliefs of others.
    .-= Arthur´s last blog ..Apr 7, My father’s recovery =-.

  2. Here is a nice way to show your pride to be a Christian. Also a good way to spread the word about Jesus and unite us.

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    The religious shirts on this site are awesome, and they appeal to a younger crowd as well!

    Maybe if we can get the youth of today to get back in the Church …

    1. Hi Calvin –

      The themes are a bit extreme for me, but maybe they will speak to the youth of today. We can hope so anyway – Blessings to you

      😀 – Rhys

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