Good, Lord It’s Morning

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11 thoughts on “Good, Lord It’s Morning

    1. Hi Abby –

      My preferred label is “Christian”, but if you need to be more specific, we are associated with a South Australian Uniting Church fellowship – it used to be a Presbyterian Church before church union here in the 80’s.

      😉 – Rhys

  1. Very insightful read, Rhys. I really enjoyed it and I think you have a knack for pulling out the main points and summarising them well.

  2. Hi Dan –

    Glad you got on the right wavelength here – it is a great buzz for me when someone catches on to what I am led to write.

    I think the crunch lies in your phrase; “but haven’t been as successful as I’d like”. The key word there was “I”. We always tend to measure the result of our efforts and aspirations in terms of; “How does it fit with what I asked for?” A more realistic response is to measure what happens in terms of trying to understand God’s response to our needs.

    His answer to our prayer is often part of our growing process, and we ought always to fit the answer we did get into a new understanding of what we ought to have asked for. Use the analogy of a little kid asking it’s parent for things – the answer is “no” as often as not, because that is part of the growing, nurturing process of parenting. Parents don’t always explain “why” either! The trick is to interpret the response you DO get in terms of what God is actually teaching you.

    In other words, God is no more likely to flood you with new work, than a wise parent is likely to feed their child unlimited food. I would encourage you to keep on the way you are but to look carefully for His hand in what does happen
    😀 – Blessings to you, Rhys

  3. Thank you for your inspiring book! I really love and am praying by letting God know I want what he wants! I’m a songwriter and am also looking for new work through meditation, prayer and waiting!

    Would you please talk more about how to listen to the Holy Spirit to lead me in my writing and life situation. i don’t want to go to a second source, but haven’t been as successful as I’d like. I ask for guidance throughout the day and I’m sure I am receiving it, but I’d like more of our dear Holy Spirit’s guidance, ideas, wisdom, etc.

    Thank you for your thoughts provided by…you got it…the Holy Spirit!

    In Him,
    Dan McComas

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