How Do You Know God is Here?

  • Know God is Here
    Know God is Here

    How Do You Know God is Here?

Well God doesn’t break his promises, and if He has said it, then it is so! After the last supper when Jesus was reassuring the disciples, he said; “My father and I will come and make our home in you”. Therefore, as long as you have taken Jesus into your heart, then you have got the whole lot, the trinity, right inside you. So it follows that whenever two or more Christians meet, God is THERE!

  •  The Still, Small Voice

I believe that the Holy Spirit of God is manifest in that “still, small voice” that is mentioned in scripture. That is exactly what happens for me, if I seek the will of God. I sometimes get the answer to my prayer as a, “still, small voice”. It works just like my conscience used to work before I took Jesus in to my heart. It is not so much as a loud audible voice, but a conviction that grows inside me, until it takes on the form of words. I need to shut out the world, and concentrate really hard to hear Him.

  •  Listen to Him

The important thing in any meeting of Christians, is to take the time to listen to whatever God needs to say to those present. The most effective way to do this is to go into a time of silence, and let God speak to each individual as He wills. If those present then share their feelings, then the collective outpouring will be the voice of God! This process is known as, “being led by the spirit of God”; and is the only real way for Christians to govern themselves.

  • Let God Run the Meeting!

It is most important to make a point of allowing the Spirit of God to lead us. It is a great temptation to set an agenda, and to go on and discuss the items on the agenda as though it were a conventional business meeting. Do not allow this to happen. To discuss ‘business‘ without praying about it, is to deny God’s will, and impose the worldly standards that govern the rest of society. WE need to cultivate the ‘mind set’ that imposes prayer on every decision.

  •  How Much Do We LET Him Do?

God himself is present at every occasion, and how much He is allowed to do is a function of: “How much do we LET Him do?” God will move in your church if He is invited to, and if the request is made in 100% sincerity. Be careful what you ask for. It is better to let God decide how to answer a problem, than to ask for a specific outcome. Remember, “He is able to do more than we can ask or think”. The answer He provides may well be better than any solution you might have thought about. Only God knows all the circumstances, so it is better to leave the nature of the answer to Him.

  •  It Is Written!

What God has written will never be contradicted, unless God Himself changes it, so this is how we know that God is here: because it is written [John 14:23] in His Word. He said; “MY Father and I will come and live in you”. Jesus also promised that the Holy Spirit, the comforter, would; “come and teach you all things”; and would come and; “Lead you into all truth”. This is how you really know that God is here!

10 thoughts on “How Do You Know God is Here?

    1. Hi Marcus 😀

      Important question. If it is God you can expect confirmation in the form of scripture; agreement from your spiritual elders and peers; a feeling of peace; further words of agreement; etc.

      Conversely, bad feelings, no peace, no confirmation, and so on, you are NOT hearing from God!

      More reading: HERE

  1. I’m really enjoying your posts. I like how you break down some very complex things such as how to interpret God’s word in us. Your insight makes total sense, and if we as frail humans were to accept and practice this on a daily basis the world would be a much better place.

    On a side note, I tried to share this on our FB page to no avail. There seems to be an issue with the Share button. It refers you to WordPress.

    1. @Patrick – Thanks for the kind words on your comment.

      The Share button works fine for me, so I can’t tell what the problem might be –

      Blessings – Rhys

  2. Hi, I think that gratitude goes a long, long way.
    Once the Holy Spirit grants us Its blessings, how often do we remember to acknowledge them? Acknowledgment is done through gratitude, which keeps our hearts open to love.

    1. @Nathalie –

      Good point Nathalie – we are often quite selfish in our thinking, and we need to be aware of our need to be grateful, and, as you say, keep our heart open to love.

      😉 – Rhys

    1. @Felipe

      Exactly right, we need to find the mind-set of “what does He require of me here?”; and then try to do that.

      😎 – Rhys

  3. The above point is contradictory and depends from person to person’s believe , but generally people believe God is all mighty and he is the one to create a connecting link with all of us in the world………..

    1. @Splash Pad

      You are right to reply that it does indeed vary from person to person. The “Almighty” can and will “connect” with us.

      😉 – Rhys

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