How to find Spiritual Excellence

  • How to Define Spiritual Excellence
Spiritual Excellence
Spiritual Excellence

Knowing how to find spiritual excellence is a great comfort, because there is a reassurance therin that gives us the confidence to keep on. We need some form of reassurance to bolster our faith, else we feel we are just whistling in the dark, and sometimes lack the courage to go on along our chosen path.

  • How to Define a Job Well Done

I had considerable dialog with a friend about what constitutes spiritual excellence, starting from the point that we well knew what constituted excellence in our daily round of work. The ‘Job Well Done’;  the ‘satisfied client’; the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each task.  The challenge was to transfer those criteria across to the spiritual realm and come up with a blue-print for ‘spiritual excellence’.

  • We Need to know BEFORE Judgment Day

Of course, we could just wait till the ‘end of the film’, then read the ‘credits’, but somehow that didn’t satisfy us, we needed to define some standard that we could apply to our everyday spiritual walk.  We need  to KNOW that we are in His will and that what we are doing is meeting approval within the ‘throne room’.

  • OK Lord, I Did It Your Way

So the answer we devised was this: Spiritual Excellence consists in being able to go to bed each night, and at ‘sign-off’ time, to be able to say; “OK Lord, today I did everything you asked!”  What more is to say? You can’t do better than that!

5 thoughts on “How to find Spiritual Excellence

  1. This is an excellent way to help someone stay on track in their life.

    I always say you can only do the things you can live with, so make sure when you go to bed at night that you’re at peace with your actions and can rest deeply.

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