Which Version of the Bible Should I Buy?

Which Version
Which Version

Which version of the Bible should I buy? This is pretty much the same question as is dealt with in the previous post, “Which version of the Bible should I Use?”  It is almost the same as which version of the Bible is the best.

  • Be Comfortable with it

Given that the Bibel is the inspired word of God, and as Timothy says; “….all scripture is God-breathed; and is useful for correction, instruction…” etc; then it doesn’t matter which version you use, so long as you are comfortable with the language in it.  What is important is that you use a version that has English (or whatever language) usage that doesn’t confuse you with old fashioned, or obscure terms.

  • The Best Bible is the nearest one!

Buy a version that uses language you understand.  It is that simple! To be blunt: the “best” Bible is the nearest one! What does matter is that you use it, and of course it is important that you use it prayerfully, so that the Holy Spirit of God can minister to you while you read and thereby enrich your understanding.

  • ‘Hear’ God Talking

One preference that matters with me, is using the same version as my local fellowship.  I believe that this matters, because people will more easily recognize quotations, if they all come from the same version.  Identifying scripture passages as ‘coming from the Bible’  is helpful because we can ‘hear God’ talking to us if we have identified a given passage as being from the Bible.

So if you ask yourself which version of the Bible is right for me? You can be assured that that it is an easily answered question.  Just pick one you like the look of and start in and use it!

10 thoughts on “Which Version of the Bible Should I Buy?

  1. We still use kjv in church. If you compare kjv and niv you will see they left out things. I went visit a church and the three preachers had three different bibles.How can you be one accord using different bibles.I feel the church and members should use one bible.And people call me old cuase i use kjv but i wont change.I do use sword searcher for in depth studing that most people dont do. Any one can read the bible but you need to study it. Then you can live it every day.

    god bless

    1. Hi Don –

      My personal conviction here is that Bible versions and commentaries are irrelevant. The only real “TRUTH” comes through conviction laid on your heart by the Holy Spirit of God as you MEDITATE (Pray over?) His Word. Proper interpretation comes not from scholarship or religious study, but from having the Word illuminated to us by God. That might be by preaching, or prayer, or fellowship, but very often by His direct intervention. I have had really powerful inspiration burst into my mind while in the shower!

      You could argue for weeks over irrelevancies like how to spell Gaderene (Geserene?); but the only important things are the fundamental truths contained in such scriptures as Ps 1; Malachi 3:10; John 3:16; and so on. These bedrock truths are identical, whichever version of the Bible you use, and what they mean to you as a child of God, is a matter of prayer, NOT a matter of listening to, or reading someone else’s (second-hand) opinion.

      🙂 – Rhys

      1. The BIBLE is the BOOK all should use, read, learn, and believe – it is the word of GOD – I am talking about the AV KJV 1611 – I am always humored, by people who say that the words a easier understood in the NIV. Very interesting… why is it copywrite and by whom? Why are there 1000’s of words missing? Why is JESUS, CHRIST, and the name of the LORD left out? For example where is Mt. 17:21, which ending did God write in Mark 16, the long or the short ending? Jesus said in Mt. 24:35 “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” God bless you from a Baptist missionary.

        1. Hi Wilhelm –

          Got to agree with your first line………. (The BIBLE is the BOOK all should use, read, learn, and believe)

          😀 – Rhys

  2. Though I born as catholic, but I rarely read the bible, so maybe but I know on my heart and mind, god existed. I was amaze to your point of view and I am glad I found this site. Hope more good views to write.

  3. Good post… by far I prefer the KJV for studying and getting prepared, but recognize that most people will benefit from the ease of the NIV. I also use the Message bible because sometimes it puts it in the most recognizable format to be understood by our modern terms

  4. I think the King James is still the most accurate, although outdated at times. I personally love to read from the NIV. Some people get off into the message or other more liberal translations, but I think that opens it up more for interpretation.
    .-= What is the Bible´s last blog ..Azusa Street Revival =-.

    1. I agree, because I too prefer the NIV for readability, I can get the sense of it so easily. The KJV is certainly accurate, but it is hard work! These days I have to use a Good News because that is our church Bible, and it would be confusing to quote a different translation to the pew Bibles.

      😎 – Rhys

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