How to Add RSS

How to Add RSS

1. Add to Google Reader

In Firefox, Go to Tools/Options/Applications and scroll down to “Web Feed”Google Reader Feed
Click the “Add Live Bookmarks” dropdown, and select the “Use Google Option’

Then whenever you want to select a website to add to your Google Reader,  just click the Brown RSS iconRSS Icon in the address bar.

2. Add RSS Feed to your Bookmarks Toolbar

First off, find the Entries RSS link on the side menu panel or in the footer and click it, or click the brown RSS icon in the address bar. Open the “Folder” dropdown menu, and choose where you want to keep the RSS Feeds.

RSS Feed
Click “Subscribe” and the new feed will appear in your bookmarks menu.  I keep all my RSS feeds together in a folder I call RSS feeds.

3. Add RSS Feed to Internet Exploder

Click the Brown RSS icon on the toolbar, choose Subscribe to this Feed,

Then choose an appropriate folder to store the feed

You will find your new feed in “Favourites” in whatever folder you chose.

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    1. @balla subba rao –

      Suggest you refer to the index of contents section marked “How to Preach”

      😉 – Rhys

  2. Heya site owner. Is extremely good post about this article How to Add RSS How To Preach. Although i own a problem related to topic: Do you use a seperate publishing platform or do you write your blogs within the wordpress admin? If you post your answer below mine, i will read this within the next couple of days.. Thanks

    1. @ipm –

      I use the WPress posting function. This is also a useful tool to convert plain text to formatted HTML for inclusion in HTML pages. E.G. Paste the article into a WPress Visual draft post, then copy it out again using the HTML code edit window

      😎 – Rhys

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