How To Be Christ In The world

  • Shine Your Light
Shine Your Light
Shine Your Light

Why you should Shine Your Light. A comment by Teresa Martin on the last post read; “…if the world can’t see Christ in us, we are ‘salt that has lost it’s saltiness’.”  I like that. We are indeed the salt that has lost it’s saltiness.  I struggle all the time with trying to “be Christ in the world”.  Every time I lose my cool in traffic, or get terse with an unhelpful shop assistant, I am just another failed Christian.  After such a “fall from grace”, the Holy Spirit kicks in and I am heavily aware of not having acted like Jesus would have. Call it conscience if you are more comfortable with that term, but the result is the same.   We fall short of our own expectation of ourselves, and we suddenly realise that we have just wasted another great opportunity to witness Christ into the community.

  • Filled With a Warm And Loving Joy.

It is when we take those opportunities and reply to provocation with love that we are really “being the Bible” to the world around us.  If we do use the situation to show love, to offer practical witness, we will be filled with a warm and loving joy, we will have blessed that person, and we will have been an effective witness to the love our God has for this world.  Think how good it will be for your inner self if you come away from EVERY encounter with a warm glow, and are concious that you have blessed that individual, rather than leaving them with a scowl and feeling angry.

  • Practice what you Preach

The wonderful old cliché, “Practice what you Preach”, kicks in here.  It is totally valueless if we preach a sermon to our congregation on Sunday morning saying “love God and love our neighbour”, if we are not doing exactly that in our own daily life. Double standards are easily detectable and will show in our body language and in other subtle ways, so it is vital that we do indeed put into practice the things we are telling others.

  • Shine Your Light.

The same passage of scripture that speaks about saltiness goes on to use the idea that we are a light to the world.  We are urged to so show our light before men that others may see our good deeds and praise God in Heaven. This is how we “shine that light of God’s love”, by acting out His love for all men in EVERY place that we can.

“We can take every human encounter and turn it into a Kingdom experience simply by showing love to that other person.  It is that easy!”

13 thoughts on “How To Be Christ In The world

    1. @Christian woman –

      We do this because we are the “Light to The World”. It is really the guarantee of what we are saying, Right?

      😉 – Rhys

    1. @CV

      Gotta agree with that. God reads our hearts, not our words, so if the intent is right, then we are right with Him too.

      😀 – Rhys

  1. Being Christ-like in today’s World has never been more needed, or challenging.

    I am constantly bothered by what we see inside the church. “You are in the World, not of the World,” how so many have missed this verse in how they are living their life.

    We have all fallen short, however, making the constant effort to grow and live according to God’s will should be a part of every Christians life.

    We live in a World where good is seen as evil and evil is seen as good. Shine your light, the World desperately needs it!

    In Him,

  2. I love your article. It gets difficult at times but it is so important to just stay true to your faith. It makes me feel good and proud when I am able ot shine God’s light onto others. Thanks for the wonderful inspiring post.

    1. @Kendall.

      It does seem difficult sometimes Kendall, but the reality is that it is as simple as just remembering to offer love as a response to any situation – to use the old cliche; “….make love, not war!”

      😀 – Rhys

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