How to Preach a Sermon in a Nutshell

  • “To Preach The Lord’s Gospel Daily in Our Own Lives!”

A ‘Comment” yesterday mentioned “To Preach The Lord’s Gospel Daily in Our Own Lives!”, and it really inpired me.  I see that as the very crux of what the Christian faith is all about. Christianity is NOT about going to a seminary and learning to speak dead languages and grinding through reams of dead church history, – it IS all about living our belief 1 Peter 2:12  Live  such  good  lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your  good  deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us. meaningfully and honestly.

  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

And a living example is worth a thousand word sermon! We need a total mind-shift away from the old ‘sandwich service’ style of hymn, prayer,  sermon preaching from the last millenium, to something that is both relevant and meaningful to today.  I cannot do much good preaching inside a near-empty church, but I CAN do a lot of good, preaching by example to my neighbours, to my friends, and to everyone else who crosses my path during the working week.

  • Live Such a Life

I have to live such a life, that others will see I have this Agape love to share and to pour out, and the conviction to keep on pouring it over every human transaction in which I am engaged. There is scripture that clearly teaches: “Love without deeds is meaningless”. So, to put God’s love in place, I need to LIVE out my sermons!

  • Every Action is a Visible Witness

You can’t ‘logic’ somone into Heaven – you can only impact their life by meeting or witnessing to some need they have, and when they can see in your life that love in action which promises to meet their need, they will want you to share it with them – THAT IS WHEN you can witness to them; that is how to preach in this third millenium! That is the real way to share the  love taught by Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

18 thoughts on “How to Preach a Sermon in a Nutshell

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  2. The verse “All men will know you are my disciples, if you love another” comes to mind in relation to practicing what we preach. Our love for our fellow brothers will probably be the strongest witness of our faith to the world.

  3. I couldn’t agree more that we need to live our faith and that a such a liviing witness is powerful. Yet, many people can have a living encounter with the Lord when the Word of God is preached in the power of the Holy Spirit as well. Take a look at what happened on the day of Pentecost.

  4. Hi, where did you get this information can you please support this with some proof or you may say some good reference as I and others will really appreciate. This information is really good and I will say will always be helpful if we try it risk free. So if you can back it up. That will really help us all. And this might bring some good repute to you.

    1. @ chanel handbags

      Actually you are a spammer because you paste this question into dozens of blogs. I have killed your link, but will answer the question because it needs answering, even if you assked if from the wrong motives.

      The only proof of what I say say lies in putting it into practice. I can’t prove it any more than I can prove that you will feel better if you stop banging your head against a brick wall – you have to prove it to yourself!!!

      🙄 – Rhys

    1. @SpamFilter

      Yep; sure is; if you mean “TRADITIONAL” Christian things, especially the usual theological seminary things. You can’t love and minister to your neighbor better just because you can read the Bible in the original Hebrew – the big reason why not is because all the time spent learning Hebrew is time totally wasted in terms of listening to God and living out a loving meaningful life!

      😉 – Rhys
      .-= Rhys´s last blog ..How to Preach a Sermon in a Nutshell =-.

  5. Hi –

    this is really the other face of; “Practice what you Preach”; isn’t it? If we don’t ‘live it’ then what we preach is meaningless!!

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