How to Preach

  • How Do I Preach?

Read on to find out more on how to preach without using notes and how to Preach with Conviction!

  • How to Preach
    How to Preach

    The best way to preach, is by conviction, from the heart, in your own words, just testifying to what you actually believe, whenever somebody asks you. That is how to preach with conviction…..

  • Testimony is vital and believable – Why? – because it is what we have seen and believe, and therefore the conviction of truth can be heard in our voice. When we relate what happened to us, people can believe that as fact. When you share some truth of which the Holy Spirit has convicted you, you will be believed because the conviction will ring in your voice!  This is the evidence of the holy Spirit. That is How to Preach with Conviction.

So, How Do I Do That?

  • If you have no set requirement for the theme of the day, then grab your Bible, and head for your quiet place and just ‘wait on Him’ until you are told [how to pray] what to do.
  • If you are working to a set theme, like lectionary readings, just go into your quiet place with your Bible and start ‘meditating’ those readings. As you read a verse or a phrase, close your eyes and let the Holy Spirit of God illuminate it to your understanding.
  • Follow each ‘train of thought’ thru to its end and the subject matter will be filled out and explained.
  • Just keep doing this until you feel there is no more to be understood. It may take several sessions of quiet to get the whole message. Strive for Spiritual Excellence!
  • Stop thinking about it and go on with your usual weeks activities until you feel to do it again.
  • Come Sunday Morning; you stand up and relate your subject matter as you are led so to do.  I find that it seems to come out in the same order it went in.  I.E. The first major point revealed comes first, and then the second point, and so on….
  • How to Preach without Notes. The above method works well for me – it just blows me away that I always get to the end of what I want  to say at exactly the time the service is scheduled to end – Hallelujah!

There it is – you just learned How to Preach!

26 thoughts on “How to Preach

  1. how do i know that holy spirit is inside me and is operating in me and how can i here his voice and feel his presence?

    please answer me brother i need all this answers.

    1. @Belayneh

      You have come to the right place to find out, but don’t just ask me, ask your Heavenly Father as well!

      😉 – Rhys

    2. need to be rooted and grounded and remain and abide in Christ love before preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.
      2. you need to be sealed by the holy ghost. bible says if Christ spirit is in you, your body is dead because of sin.and you also should walk in newness of life.
      3. you know need to think what to speak about jesus christ to the world because the spirit himself makes you and enables you to speak to the world.
      what I mean is the spirit of god that is operating in you and works in you

      when the holy spirit comes upon you he will convict to the world in their sins. and your sins.

  2. Hi there Rhys – what you have written here sounds to me like how to write a blog post! Well, on my blog, anyway. Always a good idea to follow inner guidance – good stuff!

    Cheers – Robin

    Robin’s last blog post..Wanting To Look Young

  3. (As below also) I agree preaching is more about involving others through sharing the Gospel just like Jesus did when he sat down and shared and broke bread. I understand Paul the Apostle was “rude in speech” but the Words he spoke came from a depth of great Faith in Christ and hence the power

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