When and Where to Preach

When and Where to Preach

When you are asked to preach, is when.

  • Where to Preach
    Where to Preach

    Go Ye into all the world…….’ Is usually interpreted as, “head for the ‘Deep Dark Jungles’ of central Africa, or the wilds of the New Guinea highlands”.

  • The plain truth is, ‘all the world’ starts outside YOUR front door!
  • So be happy to preach wherever you may be, and whenever an opportunity offers.

So answering the questions, “How to Preach” and “When and Where to Preach“,  was really simple…………..

5 thoughts on “When and Where to Preach

  1. It is the message of the Gospel:

    The fact that God is holy and man is sinful.

    Christ died and rose again, taking the punishment for our sins.

    Man’s best efforts all fall short, and we are hopelessly lost if we trust in our own goodness and efforts.

    1. @Macyxx –

      Glad you enjoy the “clip-art”. It is really fun to make, and adding visuals always enriches a post.

      😆 – Rhys

  2. Your points on preaching are straightforward & simple.
    A person seeking to step out into preaching for the first time would gain much confidence, as your comments have taken away any ideas that it is a difficult task, & only for “special people”, although I do personally believe that preaching is a calling & not everyone shall do it.
    As you say, once we are in tune with the Holy Spirit, He will direct our thoughts as we prepare our hearts before Him in His powerful life-giving Word.
    Looking forward to your next entry.

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