Baptism – Sprinkling or Immersion

Which is the correct method, sprinkling or immersion? Do You think it is important?


What happens if we get it wrong? Does God care?  What is important is that you felt it was needful to be baptized.

  • Water Has Two Purposes

The role of water in baptism is dual purpose.  It signifies a washing away of sin , a metaphorical cleansing of our life as we go  forward into a new life in God’s kingdom. As we go down into the water, so too we die to our old sinful life; and as we are lifted out of the water again we are lifted up to a new life in Christ.  The phrase “born again” has a strong meaning here, as we enter into a time of new life, a time of great love and joy and peace.

  • Lack Of Water

In desert places, or in frozen country there may be no practical way to fully immerse a new convert, so the water may be a more symbolic “sprinkle”; rather than a bath.  How much water is used is quite immaterial: What matters is the decision of the person to ask forgiveness for their former sinful life, and their intention to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their saviour. They are consciously renouncing a former life, and resolving to begin a new life. It is the mental and spiritual process that is important.

  • Being Born Again

To be baptised is to begin the process of being born again as a Christian.  This may be almost instantaneous, an event where the person emerges from the water fully fledged as a new convert; perhaps even speaking in tongues or manifesting other spiritual behaviour; Or it may simply mark the start of a spiritual growth that will continue over weeks or even years, as the person lowers barriers, and lets God have access to every part of their life.

  • Properly Baptised Or Not?

If you feel that you were baptised, and if you believe your sins are forgiven, and if you claim Jesus as your Saviour, then you are baptised, regardless of the method used.  I was baptised(sprinkled) as a baby, and it didn’t feel right to me when I grew up, so I went through the water of baptism and made my vows to God in an adult baptism.


6 thoughts on “Baptism – Sprinkling or Immersion

  1. I’ve read everything in this blog and I was enlightened and blessed.Thank you so much and praise the Lord for this!

    1. The Baptist of Jesus is not a miracle but it’s a sign to those who chose to be baptized in immersing baptism using water and sprinkling. Using of water symbolizes the powerful blood and water that came out from the body of Jesus Christ from Calvary (John 19:34).
      The Baptism of Jesus was a sign that symbolizes His death and His resurrection on the 3rd day.
      My own interpretation that All people in this world were and will be baptized by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ thru his blood and water. I requesting everyone to believe in Him and his death and resurrection. Because of you reading this article. God bless you. Amen.

  2. Baptism Quotations – Baptism is subsequent to conversion and not a saving ordinance, but an external indication of an inward function. Baptism is not elective for the believer, but an order of our Master to be followed. Just before Jesus returned to heaven, He told His followers to preach the gospel to all individuals and to baptize christians. Baptism is a sign to everyone else watching which he or she’s accepted Christ as Savior and which he/she plans to mind Jesus and stay to please Him. Everyone who’s remorseful for his / her sins, repents, and believes in Jesus as Savior should be baptized. When a person is preserved and comprehends what baptism signifies, they needs to be baptized. As offered from the Holy Bible.

    1. @Baptism –

      When a person is preserved and comprehends what baptism signifies, they need to be baptized.

      Nicely put!

      😀 – Rhys

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