Does God Attend Meetings

Does God Attend Meetings?

Does God attend meetings in your church?  We quite reasonably expect God’s presence in our worship services, and rightly so. We are actually having dialog with Him at those times, whether it be prayers of thanks or petition, worship, or praise. But the real question here is; “Does God attend your business, planning, and administration meetings? Is He even invited?  Do you constitute such meetings with prayer, and invite His guidance and participation in every part of the process?”

  • Putting God in a Box

    God in a Box
    God in a Box


I hope you answered YES to all of the above and haven’t been putting God in a box!  We have a really bad habit of putting God into various boxes, and keeping Him out of others.  It is very easy to percieve God as a component of prayer or praise, but it is very much harder to vizualise Him as a part of a decision about hiring a contracter to keep the grounds clipped and tidy.  We do not habitually see Him in the really mundane parts of the process, but HE IS THERE just as much as in any other part of our church life.  Think about it – HE OWNS the land and the buildings and the grass that grows on it.  In fact He designed the grass and makes it grow!

  • Involving God in Church Business

It goes against our instincts to put God into the business part of running a Church, but that should be both our expectation and our understanding, to have God involved in every part of our lives.  As a new Christian, I thought it was my business to deal with paying the bills and running my business, and I was happy just to thank Him for “Giving Me my Daily Bread”.  I soon found out that business went a lot more smoothly when I involved Him in every part of the process.  I found that if I genuinely involved God in every part of my day, and sought to just be obedient, then business not only took care of itself; but was more successful  than when I personally made the decisions!

  • A Blue Print for Church Business

There is a blue-print here for conducting church business.  It consists in firstly seeking God’s will for ALL activity, and THEN putting that in place.  The how, where, and when of it will all fall into place with no fuss or effort.  God only asks us to do things that we are already equipped to do, and He will ALWAYS provide the means to do it.  If you believe this and do it, then nearly all church ‘planning’, and ‘ways and means’ meetings are redundant.  If you ensure that God attends meetings, then the only ‘planning meeting’ needed is the regular prayer meeting!

9 thoughts on “Does God Attend Meetings

  1. Thanks Rhys … I really enjoyed the read and as usual you are right on the button. Our Gods grace is simply amazing. AMAZING. Pete

    1. Gidday Pete –

      Obviously the insomnia is still in place! Glad to hear from you.

      What is amazing is that we don’t take His grace into our lives more readily when it is so freely available.

      😀 – Rhys

    1. @Vlad –

      I wish it was my idea, but it is His promise, to supply all our needs when we: “seek first the Kingdom of Heaven“. It is true, and it Works!

      😉 – Rhys

  2. Very well said! My wife and I attended a church for a while where they would invite God to the meetings, but then ignore Him. It was no wonder why the church was 50 years old and only had a handful of members, nearly all family of the original founders. We were run off because we dared to want to start a food ministry. Not long after that they ran off the interim pastor, who has been my discipler for several years. They had no idea how fortunate they were to have him with his God-given gift for teaching, but they just wanted their ears tickled. It was truly a sad situation.

    1. @Carl –

      It is sad when the “ear tickle mob” appear to win. The reality is of course that they have deprived THEMSELVES of endless blessing, so they actually have lost the battle.
      😎 – Rhys

  3. I think the people always have to come together. to be honest the word church is really assembly, so even by that reckoning the people gathering together is the actual intention of the God.

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