How to be Wise

How To Be Wise
How To Be Wise

It is a good question to ask – How to be Wise? We are very prone to seeking wisdom from church leaders, from charismatic speakers and from noted authors; but there is a major fallacy in that because the wisdom that we need is specific, not general. We need wisdom that pertains to our present needs and to our present questions, and the proper way to get that is from the “true source”, that is, directly from God.

  • Is It Right For You?

What others discovered is right for them, but not necessarily right for you. You can pick a “hero” and model your behavior on them, but you will NOT succeed as they did, because your circumstances and your needs and your abilities are different. It would be too simple to succeed in life if all we had to do was choose some successful person, and copy what they did!

  • Success From Hard Work

We look at others and think; “Wow, I want to be like that, and I can do that too,” but the truth is that what looks like success, actually includes a lot of struggle and stress and striving that had to happen before the success came! The published record of other peoples deeds and adventures skips over the difficulties, and usually tells only the high points. We read all about the exciting bits, but the unexciting daily grind of the average weekday is not mentioned.

  • God’s Plan For You

You may not have┬árealized┬áthis, but God has an individual and unique plan just for you, and for every one of his children; and the only way that plan can happen is if you seek his will, are obedient, and go forward in faith. We need to open our minds and our hearts every morning when we awake, and say; “O.K. God, what are we going to do today?” To be wise in God’s kingdom, we need to be led by the Holy Spirit of God, and to be obedient to that leading. If we do that we will be using real wisdom in our lives, we will be operating in obedience, and because obedience is always blessed, we will succeed and others will see the wisdom at work.

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