How NOT to Have Your Prayers on Hold

Do you want all your prayers to be answered? Of course you do; who wouldn’t? The secret is right here in this post, so read on and discover what you can do to have your prayers answered successfully.

  • Infallible logic!

The first rule in the salesman’s handbook reads; “Find out what the customer wants, and then SELL it to them”. When you see it written down, it is just so logical that you would wonder why you didn’t think of it for yourself. So apply that simple, infallible logic to this ‘sales job’. Here it is; “Find out what God wants, then pray for that!” I’ll say that again much louder! – “Find out what God wants, then pray for that!”

  • Children in the Kingdom

This advice is very rational when you think about it a bit more. WE are children in the Kingdom of God, and our role, as His children, is to please Him. If you do not agree with that, then it is little use for you to read further. It is the common Bible analogy that we are cast as His children, with God portrayed as our father, and in that context it is our part to be obedient to His will. This is the reason for doing what I said above; “find out what God wants, and then pray for that”. It goes something like this; “Hey Dad, whatcha doing? Can I help?”

  • Common Sense

To me it is only common sense that if we pray for something that God Himself wants to come to pass, then that prayer is far more likely to succeed than a prayer arising from our own understanding. Such personal prayers are likely to be ‘selfish’ in nature, and are most unlikely to reflect God’s purposes. As the apostle James wrote in Chapter 4; “You do not have, because you do not ask God. 3 When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.” Turn that around, and instead of praying for what WE want, try praying for what God wants!

  • God’s Promise

I have long believed that we ought not to pray for stuff for ourselves. Why? Because God’s promise to us, as related by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount of Olives (Matt 6:33), is that if we seek His will constantly, all our needs will be met. So therein is the equation – “Seek God’s will ~ Your needs will be met”. That looks to me like a cast iron guarantee that our prayers will NOT be put on ‘hold’ and that our prayers WILL be answered.

22 thoughts on “How NOT to Have Your Prayers on Hold

  1. I recently heard a sermon in which the congregation was challenged to chart their prayers for 30 days. At the end, the pastor asked what would be the bulk of your prayer requests? Prayers like Eph 3 (spiritual enlightenment, etc..) or prayers for material things in our life. It was quite challenging.

  2. Sometimes we can ask amiss. I think it’s interesting too that if you look at the lives of people who had deep religious experience, say in the Bible – their lives were exceedingly difficult.

    Life can be an exercise in patience – sometimes it may seem like our needs aren’t being met.

  3. salam i am a muslim and being a muslim i worshiped my allah and obey the order of my allah you are not doing tha t you are just thinking one sided just compare muslims and christons we are also beleaver of hazrat eas (as) you are just bringing the muslims downward but we r not doing that we r giving u respect just compare in this matter who is the b……….

    1. Hi Mr NoName muslim

      You said; “you are just thinking one sided just compare muslims and christons”. That is exactly what I did in the post below; ‘compare muslims and Christians’. The article is based on comparing two view points. You haven’t refuted anything I said, just accused me of being one-sided.

      Comment on posts is supposed to add something to the discussion. I will leave your comment in place, because it illustrates so clearly the one-sidedness and un-thinking prejudice of your world.

      😐 – Rhys

    2. I’m not a muslim but I respect them. Not all muslims are bad. Same as the Christians there are also muslim secs. Some Muslim secs teaches extreme obedience thus bringing hatred to other religion that they want to offer their life in the form of Jihad. Those muslim secs are the misled ones. They use the Houri to manipulate the young minds. They say that if you die during jihad your reward will be 72 virgins in heaven.

  4. couple things
    we want every thing right now but we are on gods time
    when we pray do we ask for things for us to better serve him or do we ask for wordly things
    how many times have you seen none stand up and tesfiy
    at church funning thing is all people there are alive that is good right
    i always ask people why are you questioning god
    we are in his hands he knows whats best for us
    look how many time we try and make things worse before we ask him for his help
    i always ask for his will to be done in all my life
    rember if he thank him rest of our lives we could never repay him for what he has done for us
    god bless

  5. “And my God shall fulfill every need of yours according to his riches, in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Php 4:19 )

    But we always ask why my prayers are not answered?

    But when we read this verse again, It tells us that our needs will be fulfilled by God which are”according to His riches”. And His riches are completely different from worldly riches..
    .-= christian wallpapers´s last blog ..Christian Wallpaper 2 – Psalm 5 : 8 =-.

    1. @christian wallpapers

      Great thought – I really like that – we are indeed supplied from “His riches in glory………”

      😎 – Rhys

  6. Thanks for the great advice concerning prayers! When times are difficult it is only natural to have a little pity party for oneself, however, your advice reminds us all of the importance of giving thanks to the Lord and praying for others! Thanks again for the great article!

  7. Great food for thought. I also think it’s important to Thank God as if it’s already done. It should be an important emphasis on prayer.

    1. Hi Amanda –

      Thanks for dropping by. I worry about that concept, you can’t tell God what to do, and I tend to thank God for being there, and for his marvellous provision, rather than for granting some [selfish?] wish of mine. The thought behind that, thanking Him before it happens, is I think, that it goes to show our faith, but He knows what is in our hearts, and I believe it is better to just thank Him for whatever He will do, however He may answer our prayers..
      😉 – Rhys

    1. @WIITB

      That is exactly so. But it is a really hard thing to do, to “always align your thoughts with the Lord’s”. I guess it is a case of daily exercising our ‘listening’ muscle!
      😀 – Rhys

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