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How Much To Give
How Much To Give

A recent discussion in our church regarding giving or tithing as a means of provision for ministerial stipend highlighted the need for us to give sacrificially. We can take the old way out and simply tithe our income and God will honour his promise as outlined in Malachi, Chapter 3,  wherein He promises; I will open the windows of heaven and pour out on you in abundance all kinds of good things(NIV)”; if we are faithful to bring Him the “first fruits” of our works. However, this is only obedience to a law, and does not address our need to give Him thanks for all His provision for us.  It is simply obedience to a commandment and offers little in terms of thanksgiving and acknowledgement of our love for Him.

  • How Do We Respond

How then should we respond to the need for a tangible response to our God?  We could double tithe  (or some other fraction or formula) and thereby reduce our response to a ritual amount of money, or we could respond in the “New Testament” or the “New Covenant way and respond as an act of love.  The key here is in our motivation; if we tithe as a rule of law we are responding with ritual obedience: or we can respond with our gifts of love each week as the offering plate passes among us.

  • How Much to Give

How much we offer in our giving or tithing is a function of the depth of our gratitude and our understanding of God’s overarching provision for all our needs.  God reads our hearts and will respond to the depth of love that motivates us each time we fill, (or don’t fill) our offering envelope!

  • More Thoughts

Here is a link to a post on tithing rather than giving for love.


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