How to Step Out In Faith

Step Out In Faith
Step Out In Faith

Today I was asked; “What gives one the

authority and the confidence to preach?” The answer is that you just have to have to step out in faith. I always feel doubt about what I am doing before a service, and I believe that the doubt is really helpful in that it keeps me from getting puffed up in my own conceit.  It is really easy to start thinking; “I did that very well”,  after preaching and it is good to be reminded that it is God doing it, not me.

  • Confirmation Comes Later.

The confirmation that God is with you comes after the sermon when you realise that He was  giving you the points to put across.  I am  surprised  sometimes to hear myself saying things I didn’t think I even knew, and that goes to show that it was God leading me, and not me being smart or clever. You know He was guiding you when it ‘all comes together’. Thank you, Lord, for guiding me.

  • Wait For Confirmation.

I have learned to wait for confirmation BEFORE doing anything of a spiritual nature.  If God wants something to happen it is easy for Him to show you that.  I can think of 6 different things to do before breakfast on any day of the week, but I have learned not to do any of them unless I get some confirmation that He wants it to happen. We think we know what to do in any situation, but often there are hidden facts that would affect the result, and I have  learned the hard way that I need to NOT act on my own, but to wait to be shown what to do.

  • The Authority to Preach

The authority to preach comes in the certainty that what you are bringing from the Holy Spirit is true.  When the Holy Spirit of God convicts you of something, you share it with complete confidence, because then you KNOW inside yourself that it is true. It is much easier to step out in faith and share that. Not only is there inner conviction, there is total belief because you will have had the experience yourself to back up that conviction.  This is the difference between testimony and preaching. Sadly, ‘preaching’ is often just the re-telling of second-hand knowledge.

20 thoughts on “How to Step Out In Faith

  1. Our authority to preach comes from the Word (Bible) itself as we are commanded to go forth and share the Gospel (good news) of Jesus salvation. I have learned by experience that the more I meditate on the Word of God, the easier it is to preach it in faith and confidence to others. It becomes a living word within me instead of a lecture based on head knowledge.

    1. Hi Mark –

      Very penetrating observations. I am sure I will be using your comment in my sermon on Sunday. I think the Word is like yeast, it needs time to “work” as we rest (meditate on His Word), and then it becomes truly powerful as we preach it.

      Thank you for that – Rhys 😆

    1. Yep CCS – I couldn’t agree more!

      We have to be sharing our convictions – not some second-hand opinion we have read or learned or downloaded off the net. And we have to believe in our hearts that this is what we are meant to do!

      😉 – Rhyus

  2. If God wants a person to teach his word he will surely guide you and help you no matter what. Just like Moses, Moses was not a good speaker. That’s the very reason why the Lord led him to his brother Aaron to help spread the word of the Lord. And no matter what you do, do it for the glory of the Lord. God Bless us all.

  3. I agree that having the confidence in what you are talking about , or faith in it is key to deleivering the message you wish to convey as clear and powerfully as p[ossible. Well said.

  4. “I have learned to wait for confirmation BEFORE doing anything of a spiritual nature. If God wants something to happen it is easy for Him to show you that.”

    Wise words, thanks for posting this lovely blog

  5. have you seen the two preachers, one went to school other touch by god
    you can tell ones who are doing it for money
    i rather set and listen to one touch by god

    i started preaching after god saved my life i feel that he kept me alive ot teach and preach his word

    just like when you hear a person singing one from god dont care if perfect
    like others do for show everything has to be perfect

    and you should read genesis it explains the begining
    so to answer you it be from god
    god bless

    1. Hey Donald – You have really made my day quite wonderful!!!

      That is exactly right, that God worked in your life and so you have a conviction to preach and share that fact.

      BTW. I love your comment; “One went to school, and the other was touched by God. You can tell the ones who are doing it for money!”

      Hang in there Man

      😎 – Rhys

  6. As the bible explains it, Christ gave Peter and the rest of the apostles the authority to act in His name in establishing a church. They ordained- or gave authority to- bishops, priests, teachers, deacons, and so on, and those people ordained others to certain offices in the early church. It was important for the authority to come from someone who already held it.

    Then the reformation came on in 1500’s and since then, its been a free-for-all in starting new churches. No one seems to worry about authority anymore, people go to school to become pastors or religious leaders.

    So where do these people get their authority from? If you believe it comes from God, can you explain where it came from initially? Thanks!
    .-= corporate branding´s last blog ..National Green Brands Forum =-.

    1. @Corporate B

      You say; “It was important for the authority to come from someone who already held it”. I can find no biblical warrant for that statement. It is, in fact, the kind of “closed shop” thinking that has led to the present decline of the mainstream churches. Because they are being run by man for man instead of by God for God, they must inevitably fail.

      I totally believe that the authority to preach comes only from God, even if the “permission” to preach is granted by the fellowship to which the preacher belongs.

      My understanding of “gifting”, where we all have a different function – I.E. Some are teachers, some are prophets; and so on (see Romans 12) – is that we have a fore-ordained, divinely appointed role and if we are called to preach, then that appointment is from God – not some ‘handed down’ authority from within a church hierachy.

      It is my belief that a “preacher” should be ordained when his church leaders recognize the emergence of that divine calling, and act on it. This is what ought to happen within the established church. Outdside the established church, God does both the ordaining and the authorizing.

      🙂 – Rhys

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