Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Preaching the Gospel
Preaching the Gospel

If you are going to preach anything in this world, this has to be your number one topic: Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have no other valid message if we don’t preach this Gospel. The good news of Jesus’  life and resurection is the fundamental tenet that we hang all our teaching on.  It is the root of our testimony; the whole basis of all Christian outreach; and the essential ingredient in How to Preach.

  • Gospel = Good News

By definition the word Gospel denotes “the good news”, and of course the Good News is that Christ died to save us and is sitting at the right hand of God today.  The Good News is too that we need only to confess Him as our Lord and Saviour, repent and be baptized to have our sins forgiven; to have eternal life; and to live with Him in all eternity.

  • Preaching to Ourselves

It’s a funny thing, but we can’t preach without Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ TO OURSELVES! Whenever we ponder the Word; whenever we pray for wisdom and guidance to preach; whenever we contemplate spiritually; we are teaching and blessing ourselves as well. It has been said that whenever we preach we are preaching to ourselves as much as to others.  This is true for me, I know, because whenever I prepare to preach, I enlarge my own understanding. Any revelation granted to me to share also remains within me.

  • Preaching Spiritual Revelation

I believe in preaching spiritual revelation. I do not believe in studying up some subject and sermonizing  a whole lot of  other people’s opinion about it.  To share spiritual revelation, you must first get it, and the only way I know to do this is to take your Bible into your ‘quiet place’ and start in praying and reading and allowing yourself to be ministered to by the Holy Spirit of God.  The truths you discover in this context will be inspired revelation, and will effectively be “God speaking to His people”; when you stand up to share on Sunday morning.

  • Throw Away Your Concordance!

You do not need a concordance, you do not need a book of scriptural reference; you do not need to look up a whole lot of stuff on the internet; and you certainly DO NOT need any theological books written by other people.  God is never boring, and He would never insult His children by offering them second-hand goods; what He will do is inspire you to share your convictions, your testimony, and your own intimate knowledge of His Kingdom – IF YOU LET HIM!  His offer to ‘provide all you need’ includes whatever anecdote or experience you will need.  Any preacher who starts off like this: “A funny thing happened to me this week…..” will be sharing right out of their own Christian walk.  It will be real! If God has called upon you to preach this Sunday, He will always have ALREADY PROVIDED you with what ever you need to make your points! You will be obedient, and you will be preaching the Gospels.

  • The Gospel is All You Need

If your circumstance requires you to preach from lectionary readings, and for instance, you are required to be preaching  the Gospel of John; then the only resource material you will need is that very same Gospel of John.  Likewise if you are needed to be preaching the Gospel at Christmas; then again, the only resource materials you will need are those very Gospel advent stories.

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  1. The believer doesn’t have messages but a message to preach which is the only message and not the Main Message. The Gospel is christocentric.

    All you need to be saved is to believe in your heart and confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus. The devil believes but he doesn’t confess the Lordship of Jesus. Asides this, there’s nothing more needed for salvation. Salvation is a complete package. After this a believer has to grow in the Knowledge of Christ..

    1. @Emmanuel
      Thanks for the response. You have made a really succinct summary or the whole step in faith ……………. 😀 – Rhys

  2. first i want thank God, i have been looking for this kind of sites, am now spending more time reading things from this site… instep of spending my time on whatsup,Facebook and e.t.c., i kindly request to email me more scriptural to my email coz am interested to preach the gospel and the pure gospel…

  3. Everything you’ve said is true. If preaching is the calling and God’s purpose for you. He will give you what to say. God bless you.
    I’m a born again Christian and I’m still praying to God to reveal to me my purpose and to give me His anointing so He can fulfill His will through me.

    1. Hi Lizzy

      Welcome to this site. You are on the right path, and you need to be alert. Sometimes the Lord is working out His purpose in our lives, but we haven’t noticed.

      Bless you too – 😀 – Rhys

  4. It takes more than just believing in Jesus Christ for your salvation. Satan believes in Jesus Christ. You must be in the will of God. Jesus said that His brothers, His sisters and mothers will be in the will of His Father. Here where this preacher is saying that we must be baptized I hope that he is meaning baptized in the spirit and not water. The man that Christ took with Him to His kingdom the day He died on the cross was not baptized in water but in spirit. When we except Christ as our savior and acknowledge all that He had done for us we at that point are blessed, baptized in His spirit. This is the beginning of the change in our hearts and our love for Him grows. We now increase in our works for Him. Not cause we have to but because we want to. Our priorities now differ. Believing is only step one. Works comes along just out of the new love you have found. Believing, faith coming from hearing the word brings works. James say it best that faith without works is dead faith. What’s he talking about works? It is not the physical works although it could be. It is reaching out to others to help them come to the Lord. God will put the two of you together but if you never try your like the man given a gift and he goes hides it and don’t let it grow. What we learn from God is free, all for the asking. He wants us to give what is freely given. Share the Word. Christ came to speak the gospel, the good news, the good news of His Father’s Kingdom. You do the same.

    1. @Doug-

      What we learn from God is free, all for the asking. He wants us to give what is freely given.

      Share the Word, indeed.
      😀 – Rhys

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  6. Yeah,I agree with Mr Rhys…what he wants to tell us is that we should NOT depend on the internet or other people’s research,,but we must depend on God’s anointing to us to teach us His words and speak 🙂

  7. Throw away your concordance? You don’t need a book of scriptural reference? How do you preach without Gods Powerful Word. If you don’t plan to Include Scripture in your preaching why preach?

    1. Hi Jesse!

      I’m suggesting that you will get more relevant scripture references from the Holy Spirit, than you will from someone else’s research 😉

      Blessings – Rhys

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  9. The only way to preach this gospel is by preaching to yourself first. I plead with evryone to take this gospel important. Brother Paul said in the bible “I am doomed if I fail to this work” that work is the work of salvation. Thanks again. God bless us all.

    1. @Yvonne

      Glad to hear it. Just be open to the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, and if God wants you to preach, it will happen.

      Blessings – Rhys

      – 😀

  10. I become soo happy when ever i open this page to read about the good news OH GOD really love us so much so please let us turn back from sin and come to the LORD for him there is life and internal joy no more sorrow and pains when we get to HEAVEN because thats the place our FATHER liveth and he is ready to recieve those who are ready to worship him with mind and thought and at last salvation will be ours \

  11. thank GOD we now have all these site that we can read and have further knowledge about how to preach the good gospel and make people life to be real christian life and the LORD will bless us all thank you

  12. I was jst searchin thru d internet wen i stumbled upon dis site…….ur words r TRULy inspiring.may God continue to lead u rightly,IJN

    1. @pranab rick bora!

      You are surely in the right place to learn more about the process. You must be led by the Holy Spirit of God, so move out in faith, and pray hard as you go!

      😉 – Rhys

  13. To be clear, my comment was in response to Johnathan B Hobbs comment and his website His message doesn’t comr right out and say it on his comment, but if you look into it you can see his gospel message of the good news of the kingdom coming when Jesus returns. THIS IS NOT NOT NOT GOD’S GOOD NEWS!!!GODS GOOD NEWS IS THAT WE CAN RECEIVE SALVATION THROUGH JESUS ALONE! please see my earlier comment above to read more.

  14. Jesus of Nazareth -The Christ and Messiah

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    Finally, a simple single narrative explains the full Gospel and offers an ideal learning tool of the Good News for all “disciples of Christ” (Matthew 24:13). This easy-to-read Bible Notes study guide will enlighten and re-energize the Christian community since it simplifies the four Gospels into one easy to follow narrative of the life of Christ. It is packed with illustrations, charts, maps and a ten-part Chronological Index of all events surrounding the life of Chris
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    1. @Jonathan

      Of course the best learning tool of all is the Holy Spirit – just read the Bible prayerfully!

      😉 – Rhys

    2. TO: Jonathan Hobbs
      I went to your website and your gospel message is NOT the gospel of Jesus. Your gospel is thr good news of the kongdom coming with Jesus. Please know that the gospel is the good news that we can have the FREE GIFT of salvation if we BELIEVE that Jesus died for OUR sins so we Don’t have to! We get God’s FREE GIFT of GRACE if we have FAITH and BELIEVE it. We don’t need to “endure to the end” as you repeatedly state. Jesus has already GUARENTEED our SALVATION and given us eternal life if ee believe it! Don’t take away God’s free gift from us! Pleadr repent and believe the true Gospel! It is enough now and always will be!

      1. “For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received; that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, and that, he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.”- 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 That is the Gospel.

        Also, about being faithful until death, the Lord says “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.” Revelation 2:10

        I’d like to talk with you about the “once saved, always saved” idea. You seem like a pretty smart person. would love to look at some scripture with you. God bless you

        1. @Brother Cody

          Bounced this one off my Mary on our way to town for our weekly shopping trip, and I can’t do better than her response; “I can’t imagine God stopping loving you”.

          We have this promise of salvation, and I guess it is not qualified. My own perception is that we would be distancing ourselves from the center, the”throne room”, when we backslide – with the distance being roughly equal to the rate of backsliding?

          😎 – Rhys

  15. I just wanted to commend you on a very informative and enjoyable article! And thank you for reminding us to preach the Lord’s gospel daily in our own life’s! Thanks again for the article and for your blog! I have spend the last hour or so reading your posts!

    1. @Catholic Rosaries

      What a magnificent “sermon in a nutshell” – “to preach the Lord’s gospel daily in our own lives!” – thank you for your response!

      😀 – Rhys

  16. The Gospel is all you need! This is so very true. Yesterday I was reminded of this as I watched a friend give a guest lecture at a Bible college in Dallas. His power point presentation went down, along with all his notes, and all he had left in the end is his testimony and the Gospel to share with them!
    .-= What is the Bible´s last blog ..Azusa Street Revival =-.

    1. Thanks for that little story Carlos. It makes the point that we often do things just because, “That is the way we have always done it”; but when confronted with necessity, we can indeed “forget the notes”, and rely on Him to preach the message!

      😀 – Rhys

  17. Thank You Soooo Much For This Site. I Stumbled Apon It And Have Spent Hours Searching This Site And Taking A New Look At My Self I Know That Is Not What This Site Was Intended For But I Guess We All Find Inspiration In Different Ways. Thank You

    1. Thank you very much for that comment Finnyman, you have made my day. It is not what I say, but what the Holy Spirit of God says to you as you read that is the real value – Blessings to you!

      😉 – Rhys

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