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How to Preach Without Notes

  • How to Preach Without Sermon Notes

    Preach Without Notes
    Preach Without Notes

Preaching  Without  Notes is all to do with faith.  If you are prepared to step out in faith, and say; “OK Lord, I will do this”;  then you can do it.

  • Prayerful Preparation

The method I use to preach without sermon notes is outlined in the post “How to Preach“. It simply consists in prayerful preparation.  It is outside of the scope of this post to talk about “What to Preach“; so we will assume that your subject is already decided. Now do this:

  • Go into your quiet place and prayerfully contemplate the chosen subject/scripture.  If you give Him the chance, the Holy Spirit will put ideas into your mind that are pertinent to the subject – and He may suggest passages of scripture that further illustrate the point in hand
  • Examine these ideas/passages as they are offered, and the subject will expand and become whole.
  • Continue this process until the flow of inspiration dries up.

God treats each of us in a manner suited to our personal learning nature, and very much as individuals; so you may require many sessions over several days to get a complete “handle” on your subject, or you may find the whole sermon drops complete into your consciousness.

  • The Rhys Method……..

I usually start at the beginning of the week by reading the allotted lectionary readings. There is always a common thread contained in the given readings and that decides the subject for sharing on Sunday morning. I need to have chosen the accompanying songs by Wednesday to allow the “musos” plenty of time to practice, so by the time that is done, the selected readings are digested and printed out for the scripture readers, and the order of service is set out, then the “bones” of the subject are already in mind.

  • Relevant Material

I then use whatever “free” time I have during the rest of the week, and devote it to contemplation of the points already in mind. It is both surprising and enjoyable to find other little pieces of relevant material coming to mind during moments of mental free time, like in the shower, or waiting for someone, or whatever occasions there may be when the mind can be [prayerfully] open to suggestion.

  • Be Spirit Led

I do not attempt to organise this material into a structured whole, but instead rely on the prompting of the Holy Spirit when I begin to speak. This allows some flexibility to “change direction” in mid flow as may be needed, and is truly a way to preach without notes.

Looking For a Spirit Filled Evangelist

  • Looking For a Spirit Led Evangelist

This question, “we are looking for a spirit filled evangelist” came up thru my search statistics this morning. To even ask this question in a public forum shows a total lack of understanding.

Spirit Filled Evangelist
Spirit Filled Evangelist
  • Jehovah Jireh

The only right way to find a spirit filled evangelist is to ask it of your Heavenly Father, Jehovah Jireh, [who provides all things].

  • Who is the boss?

Who is running your life [or your fellowship] – you or God? If it is you, you certainly aren’t ready for a spirit filled evangelist – such a preacher would expect to find a readiness to learn and submit and to accept God’s will. If it is God, then what on earth are you poking your nose in for? Don’t you trust Him?

  • Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all these things will be added unto you.

This is the best piece of advice [Matt 6: 25-33] in the whole Bible.  It comes in the passage styled “Do not Worry”, and is part of God’s advice about provision – you know, the bit about; “don’t worry about what to eat or drink or put on [or where to find evangelists], your heavenly Father knows you need these things; but seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all these things will be added unto you.”

  • Spirit Filled = Spirit Led!

If you asked the question above, you have implied that you are [or you want to be] “Spirit Led”.  This is what Spirit led people do, and this is how Spirit led people are made, they are constantly attending to His will – and if you are doing that then your needs will all be met anyway! Everytime YOU try to make plans and actively seek for things yourself you are effectively shutting God out.  You and God can’t both be “deciding what’s next”! That was the whole point of your baptism, remember; that you surrendered your life to God?

  • Answers to Prayer

You can surely share your longing for a  spirit filled evangelist with God in prayer, but it is not part of your brief to go out and look for one. Whether it would be good for your fellowship right now to have a spirit led and fired up evangelist is not for you to decide!  Your fellowship may not be mature enough yet, and to import such a polarising and positive speaker might actually empty your pews!

  • Pray About It!

So the question inherent in we are looking for a spirit filled evangelist can only be answered by that great old standby; “take it to the Lord in prayer!”

How to Know Preaching is from the Spirit

  • Recognize The Spirit
    Recognize The Spirit

    How to Recognize The Spirit.

This is How to Know Preaching is from the Spiritwhen you hear conviction ringing out from the words of the preacher, and when you are riveted to the edge of your seat by the RELEVANCE and FRESHNESS of what you are hearing you know you are hearing from God.

  • God is Never Boring

The eternal, one true God who created the universe and everything in it, is capable of infinite variety.  Consider the magnificent sky-scapes, freshly painted minute by minute while you gaze in awe! With every resource of creation at His fingertips, He doesn’t need to repeat himself. So it follows, that if a preacher is led by the Spirit of God he will be given suitably fresh material to use. A spirit led preacher will be talking about things that have happened to him, or are happening in the NOW; not using anecdotes from the life of some other missionary to the middle of darkest Africa last century.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is HERE AND NOW.

When you are ‘born again’ you are birthed as a brand new spiritual being into the the Kingdom of Heaven – therefore you must be living in that place RIGHT NOW. It follows therefore, that a spirit led preacher MUST be preaching from conviction gained from his present and past experience, and must be sharing from that. So, such a preacher has to be basing his testimony on what he believes right now – testimony gained from living the Christian life and interacting with God and his fellows. A rule of thumb – any preacher who starts off like this; “A funny [or interesting, or significant,] thing happened to me this week…….”; is most likely to be led by The Holy Spirit, simply because the  Spirit of God will have purposefully put such an experience into that preachers week, just for this purpose; and if he goes on to share a ‘Kingdom’ experience, you may then be quite sure. Any preacher who builds his narrative around someone Else’s experience is selling you second hand goods!

  • This is How You Recognize The Spirit

John said, in his [1 John 4:2-3]2 This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.. first epistle, “Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God;” so it follows that a spirit led preacher must be preaching about the ‘crucified’, ‘resurrected’, ‘ascended’ Christ.

  • God Knew You Were Going to Go to Church

– and for that reason, some part of the address will speak to you! There will be parts of the message that will minister directly to you. We are each in a different ‘place’ and various words will react differently on each of us, but a spirit led message will contain something especially for you. This is part of the ‘daily bread’ that God provides and it is part of the assurance we have that He loves us and provides for ALL our needs.

  • The Compelling Word of God

God is totally consistent, so any Holy Spirit led preaching must accord with what He has already said in His recorded Word – the Bible – Ergo,  preaching must be based on and agree with the Bible – so the authority for what a preacher is testifying must rest in God’s Word; and because it is Bible based it is both authoritative and credible – and that is how to know preaching is from the Spirit!