More Evidence of The Holy Spirit

I have written before on How You Recognize the Holy Spirit in someone, and the question

More Evidence of The Holy Spirit
More Evidence of The Holy Spirit

that is continually asked on this Blog is, “What is the Evidence of The Holy Spirit”. The quick answer, of course, is in what Jesus said; “….by their fruit you shall know them”. This is totally true today, that has not changed one little bit.

  • Real Christians

A real Christian is led by the Holy Spirit of God, and the truth of that is evident in their lives. They genuinely love others, and this is evidenced by their actions; they befriend the lonely, they succour the needy, in fact they live out the basic Christian precept of; “Love one another”.

  • Wannabe Christians

A wannabe Christian doesn’t do that, what they do (I speak from former experience here!), is rush around trying to earn their place in the Kingdom with “good works”. They are so busy being ‘do-gooders’ they are deaf to the leading of the Holy Spirit, they don’t have time to meditate on His Word; they are, like the priest and the Levite in the story of the Good Samaritan, far too busy to stop and render aid to a person in need.

  • God is Love

So how do you pick the Christian from the “Wannabee”? You examine the result, the “fruit”. The consequences of spirit led acts will always be good – the recipients will feel good about what has happened to them, the hearers will be inspired and blessed when anyone preaches such a sermon. Because the Christian is led by the Spirit of God the result MUST BE characterized by God’s fundamental ethic; I.E., LOVE. So everyone will recognize God’s hand in what has happened and will be uplifted, or inspired, or soothed, or whatever as a result.

  • Spiritual Peace

I have listened to many speakers who were preaching a sermon using their own agenda, and I always feel uneasy about what I am hearing, I doubt the validity of the points they are making, and my spirit does not agree with what is being offered. You should be convicted by what you hear; and you MUST feel at peace with what you hear, or it is NOT from God. Likewise with actions, if you are not feeling blessed by someones actions, then their motivation is worldly, NOT heavenly. If they are responding to God’s urging, then it must be in response to some need of yours, and you will welcome that. God would NEVER urge them to some action that didn’t benefit you!

  • Apply These Tests

To be sure that the Spirit is in what is happening, apply these tests: You must be at peace about it, God is a god of peace and love. You must feel conviction inside yourself, in your spirit, not doubt, or stress. And, of course, it must agree with scripture – God does not contradict himself.  Read the Galations account of the “Fruit of the Spirit”, and look for those fruits in the lives and actions of those around you. Every one of those fruits has an opposite, and if you are seeing those opposites, those negative fruits, then you are seeing the fruit of the “other” kingdom, NOT God’s Kingdom.

20 thoughts on “More Evidence of The Holy Spirit

  1. I think another very important aspect to know if the Holy Spirit is in something is in comparing what you think you are being led to do with the Bible. The Holy Spirit uses the Word to lead us. The Bible is objective so we can’t go wrong following it!

  2. This was such a powerful post because it spoke right to me. I think I have been one of those “do gooders” who needs to probably take time to understand the true meaning of Jesus’s words. It’s just about what I do for others, but how I live my life and faith. Thank you for this really good insight.

  3. You will know when a person truly value Christianity because they are not only most words but all action. All that they do are aimed toward spiritual fulfillment and bliss. I admire people who are like that.


  4. You are so right! Some people think of themselves as so good they often refuse to look beyond what they’ve already thought about of as “goodness”. They preach for the sake or preaching and not for the sake of actually sharing!


  5. Being a christian is a guide for us on how to live life according to the commandments of our holy father, and through the holy spirit we are guided to the right path but human as we are we are tempted to temptations. Reflection and repentance are the key to a religious life.

  6. This can be a very hard question in this age. Some new Christians (as scripture shows in Corinthians, can be very child like, yet they had been given many gifts of the Spirit) may not mature as fast as others. And let us not forget that God deals with us as a father deals with his children.

    If one finds himself judging another that could be considered not of the Spirit. I think that each one of us, after we are saved, has to examine our true motivations and intent behind ALL our actions and words. Even the willingness and attempt of such a thing for Christ’s sake not our own (I believe) is evidence of the new nature or the Spirit.

  7. I am also a Catholic and a GOD-believer. Ever since my parents thought us in religious way even if where busy. The holy spirit for me is on how you really have faith and how you deeply believe in god. Being “holy” for me is not only being saint or something like that but also by means of good deed, pure intention/sincere intention to other mankind and being hones to one self.

  8. Great Article! “Love one Another!” It is really one thing that reminds me of what my mother said to me when I was still a little boy. Loving others is also loving God. Your article reminds so many things about God and I would like to thank you for that. I hope you’ll continue writing this kind of blog and have a great day.

  9. The fruit of the spirit is the divine attributes of a Christian. You can only have this if the holy spirit dwells within you. True Christians have this divine attributes by applying it in our daily lives, we can be a blessing to every people around us. God Bless Us All!

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